Support for Foster Carers

The quality of our foster carers and staff is the cornerstone of TLC’s reputation and success since it was established in 2001. Our foster carers are key in providing the best possible quality of care to the children and young people placed with us.

We aim to offer sensitive yet thorough preparation training for new carers, and ensure that those already approved receive relevant, ongoing training.

Every foster carer is allocated a supervising social worker (SSW), who is responsible for ensuring that carers carry out the task required of them. Carers receive regular, high quality, formal supervision, as well as telephone contact with their SSW.

TLC Wales encourages consultation and participation with all foster carers. We hold quarterly support groups where carers have the opportunity to get together for an informal ‘catch up’.  We  also hold some special interest groups which include a ‘Menopause and Wellbeing’ group, a social committee as well as a ‘Men who Foster’ group.

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Our Support

Out-of-Hours Support Service

In the event of an out-of-hours emergency, we offer an on-call service provided by an experienced social worker

Support Groups

TLC Wales offers foster carers the opportunity to participate in quarterly support groups and informal networks with other carers to share experiences and tackle difficulties together

Annual Events

TLC Wales organises events throughout the year for carers, their families and young people to get together to socialise and enjoy themselves

Children Who Foster

We recognise the important role that foster carers’ own children play in supporting our young people. The ‘Children Who Foster’ programme offers group opportunities for the young people who foster to get together, enjoy a fun day out and build a support network

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