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It would be very easy for us to tell you how wonderful TLC Wales is but let’s hear what others have to say about us:

I have been a loyal carer for TLC since it was set up. The team have been supportive in all areas to myself and the children I have had placed in my care. We've been given brilliant support from the team at TLC, which enables us to give our best support to the young person in our care. Thanks to all. Fostering is the best thing we have ever done. We wish we had started much sooner.

TLC Foster Carer

Having three birth children and two (additional needs) foster children, the decision to transfer from our LA to an alternative agency was always going to be one of significant magnitude. My wife and I discussed a transfer at length & the decision was not taken lightly due to the risk that the two beautiful children we had welcomed into our family might not have been allowed to transfer with us. Our concerns were allayed from the time my wife made that first phone call to TLC. We both felt that the organisation, and its people were professional, caring and would be a great fit for all of our family. Following some further dialogue, the transfer process was initiated with a visit from a TLC Wales Social Worker followed by a comprehensive yet sensitive analysis of our family’s suitability to transfer (Form F Report). This part of the process took place over several weeks and, whilst requiring a significant level of detailed input from all members of our family, was handled in such a way that it became almost cathartic. During this part of the process our whole family were made to feel valued and that what we collectively participate in and achieve was both acknowledged and appreciated.

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